About PKBurkholderIMAGES

Paul Burkholder of PKBurkholderIMAGES

Influenced by his father, whose lifelong photographic passion started pre-WWI, Burkholder began in his teens to use his Kodak Brownie and box cameras, develop film, and print images.

Some of his sensitivity to form and composition are attributed not only to parental example but by such historic masters as photographers Atget and Brassaï and French Impressionist painters.

Music and art have always been part of his life including various Bach and Mozart works for piano and harpsichord and varied painting media, but the continuing focus on photography prevails.

Educated at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine he benefitted profoundly from the classical training of observation. Upon retiring from many years of medical practice in Rockford, Illinois he built a studio equipped for digital image editing and printing and high-end film scanning into digitized files.

With his wife as his travel companion, he'll go anywhere for a good shot.